Below are a few letters along with photos I've received, over the years, from familys about them and their
 "choteau creek" puppy.   READ ON!



        I just wanted to send you some pictures of Langston
  and  our other dog Tess.  Langston is doing very
  well, he has graduated from puppy and novice classes
  and now attends advanced drill obedience classes 
  with Tess.  He's about 100 lbs now and is growing like
  a weed... still.  Anyway I just wanted you to know how
  he's doing.  We absolutly LOVE  Langston and we're
 so grateful to you for bringing him into our lives! 





   Hello!  I just wanted to write you
 and let you  know how Paris is doing. 
I've renamed her Nala and she is 6 months
old now and growing every day!
She is doing
wonderful, and really loves it out here!  She
plays every day with my black lab Molly and
they get along great!  She is such a little cuddle
bunny and we absolutely love her!  Thank you
for the wonderful puppy! 





     Thank you so much for the beautiful puppy.
  It was fun picking him up at the airport...everyone 
  wished he was theirs!  Brinkely has become a loving        
  member of our family and he has such a pleasent 
  personality.  He is gentle, playful, and incredibly
  smart.  He was exactly like you described and we look
  forward to many happy years together.  Thanks again!

                            Paul and Sandy -- Flagstaff, AZ




     Hello, we are the ones who got Tonka...We love 
  him to death.  He is such a great dog. Here are some 
  pictures we took today of Tonka and Kassie, our
  little girl.  I'm still really amazed how well he does
  with her.    Take care!






Picture_043[1]     We looked for half a year for the perfect dog.
  We wanted a dog that would be great with the
  kids so we put a great deal of effort into finding
  that special one for our family.  Even after putting
  a deposit down on another puppy, we came back to 
  Marian to get the one we wanted from the start.  Zoey
  has been more then we could ever wish for!  From the
  day we picked her up at the airport she came out 
  pouncing and full of energy and cheer.  She was so
  beautiful and healthy looking.  Now today at 9 months 
old she weighs 100lbs and is such a doll!  We get so many compliments on her personality
and the way she looks.  She has brought us so much joy in the few months we have had her
and we look forward to many more.  If we decided to ever get another saint, I would accept
no less then Choteau Creek Kennels.  This dog was a rare find!  Thanks agian Marian, you
have always been so quick to help me and answer any questions I had - I really appreciate 
that.  Our deepest gradatude for making this experience so easy and enjoyable.



gretchen      Jennifer and I are so glad we found Choteau Creek
  Kennels.  We never owned a saint before, but Marian
  helped out so much!  Very informative and friendly. 
  We bought Gretchen and she is an awsome dog, we
  will be back for more!!  Thanks agian.







                Dozer with his Best Buddy!

                                                                                     The Milton Family - Iowa



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