patch1      Patch is a beauty with her unique mask and expressive head, as well as her solid saint  bernard build!  She is sure to welcome everyone in  true Saint Bernard style...a wagging  tail  and a welcoming bark.  Patch loves being top dog here, and enjoys her self proclaimed job of keeping the youngsters out of trouble. A mother from the tip of her nose to the very end of her wagging tail! 

                                         * RETIRED 






                                                                                                    ALMSHAUS JUST A WISE GUY

                                                             CH. ALMSHAUS BET YOUR SWEET ASPEN

                                                                                                   ALMSHAUS WISH LIST

                            TWIN BRANCH'S FORWARD PASS

                                                                                                   CH TWIN BRANCH'S SAMPSON V CZAR

                                                             CH TWIN BRANCH'S STORMY WEATHER

                                                                                                    EMPTY KEGS AMAZING GRACE




                                                                                                    ALEX SKEDDER MAE

                                                              JOSEPH BIEBER BERNARD

                                                                                                    DASEY MAE VI

                            RAMA JAMA'S TIME WELL SPENT

                                                                                                     JOSEPH BIEBER BERNARD

                                                             RAMA JAMA'S DIXIE DELIGHT

                                                                                                     AMANDAS SWEET LATESHA

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